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Default Hero/Stats Hero/Shard Locations
2* Silver: 495 Health, 111 Damage (1100 Threat) Daily Objectives (no longer active), Starter Pack

Amazon Wonder Woman is a hero released in version 1.4. 4 promotional shards are also available in the Daily Objectives on 5/30/2016.



Her "Amazon Royalty" passive gives a health boost to all female heroes in the roster. Her Ability 1 is Amazon Spin, a close range attack in which Diana uppercuts and knocks down her opponent. Her Ability 2, Bracelet Block, is the same as Mythic Wonder Woman. Her Ability 3 is Warkiller, (which will need to be elaborated on, the author doesn't have AWW at 3 stars)

Basic AttacksEdit

Her basic attacks are all similar to those of Mythic Wonder Woman.

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  • She was released in 1.4 (alongside Mythic Wonder Woman) to tie-in with the 2017 film, Wonder Woman, based on Gal Gadot's portrayal of the titular character on Themyscira.
  • Amazon Wonder Woman is the first duplicate of a character to be silver, and is also the first silver Hero with an additional title.