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Default Hero/Stats Hero/Shard Locations
2* Silver: 495 Health, 111 Damage (1100 Threat) Daily Objectives (no longer active), Starter Pack

Amazon Wonder Woman is a hero released in version 1.4. 4 promotional shards are also available in the Daily Objectives on 5/30/2016.



Her "Amazon Royalty" passive gives a health boost to all female heroes in the roster. Her Ability 1 is Amazon Spin, a close range attack in which Diana uppercuts and knocks down her opponent. Her Ability 2, Bracelet Block, is the same as Mythic Wonder Woman. Her Ability 3 is Warkiller, where she hits her opponent with her sword twice and lunges forward and hits them with her forearm.

Basic AttacksEdit

Her basic attacks are all similar to those of Mythic Wonder Woman.

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  • She was released in 1.4 (alongside Mythic Wonder Woman) to tie-in with the 2017 film, Wonder Woman, based on Gal Gadot's portrayal of the titular character on Themyscira.
  • Amazon Wonder Woman is the first duplicate of a character to be silver, and is also the first silver Hero with an additional title.
  • She resembles Gal Gadot, but still looks a bit different than Mythic Wonder Woman.