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Arena is a game mode that is unlocked when the player reaches level 3, in which players fight again AI-controlled teams created by other players. Entering Arena battles consume a unique resource called Pips that is tied to each individual character and refreshes at noon GMT.

Upon tapping "Find Opponents", the player would be presented with 5 possible matches to choose from; they are always ordered from most difficult to easiest from top to bottom. The easiest match would be against a team at around your threat level, while the hardest would have a threat rating around 3 times as high, but also giving 3~4 times as much Battle Rating if you manage to win.

The "Refresh Opponents" option allow you to reroll for an entirely different set of 5 possible matches (10 seconds cooldown).


Players gain daily and weekly rewards based on how much Battle Rating they have accumulated compared to other players. Untouchable and up requires the player to be top 200.

Tier Rank Placing Daily reward Weekly reward
Legendary Top 50 5,000 credits 1,000 gems

600 medals

Invincible Top 100 4,000 credits 800 gems

550 medals

Untouchable Top 200 3,500 credits 600 gems

500 medals

Elite IV 3,250 credits 400 gems

450 medals

Elite III 3,000 credits 350 gems

425 medals

Elite II 2,750 credits 300 gems

400 medals

Elite I Top 10% 2,500 credits 150 gems

250 medals

Competitor IV 2,250 credits 125 gems

100 medals

Competitor III 2,000 credits 100 gems

80 medals

Competitor II Top 25%* 1,750 credits 95 gems

60 medals

Competitor I Top 33%* 1,500 credits 90 gems

60 medals

Challenger IV Top 42%* 1,250 credits 85 gems

40 medals

Challenger III Top 55%* 1,000 credits 80 gems

40 medals

Challenger II 750 credits 75 gems

20 medals

Challenger I - 500 credits 70 gems

20 medals

*Placings are estimated.


  • Previously, players teams with at least around 20,000 Threat is able to match up against opponents of a much higher threat rating, from 30,000 to over 200,000 in very rare cases. This can actually be beneficial as it allows players to take on more difficult fights for higher battle rating rewards, as that is scaled according to opponent threat.
  • Previously Arena battles do not award experience, this was later changed.