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Arkham Knight Batman is a 4-star base Tech class Hero. While his namesake in the first mobile game is a powerful all-round fighter, here, Arkham Knight Batman is more of a niche character that relies on teammates with hazard effects.

He is currently the only legendary (purple) character in the game.


He is only obtainable via various hero chests with a relatively small drop rate (e.g. 0.12% from Hero Chest, 0.46% from Vigilante Chest, but he can be found in almost any of them.


"Extensive research provided by Wayne Technology improves the damage of any hazard deployed by Bruce's team. In addition to offering an extended ranged attack, Batman's gadgets also stun his opponents. This leaves them defenseless and unable to attack."

Strategy Edit

Use him as the damage character on you team as he does massive amounts of damage when equipped with full set of gear. He also benefits your entire team with his passive.

Abilities Edit

  • Passive: WAYNETECH
    • Batman and his teammates deal increased hazard damgage.
    • +20% Team Hazard Damage for lvl 1 and +20% for every lvl up after it
  • 1st Ability: WHEEL KICKS
    • Bruce performs a close quartet of kicks that stagger back his opponent.
  • 2nd Ability: STUN BOMBS
    • Hazard: Batman deploys a smoke bomb on the ground. Opponents caught in its blast are briefly stunned.
    • 2 Second stun for lvl 1 and +5 seconds for every lvl up after it
  • 3rd Ability: WINGED AVENGER
    • Batman unleashes a masterful string of melee strikes

Obtaining GearEdit

Gear is obtained through the achievement 'Legendary Acquisition' after obtaining the character in a chest.

Gear Set BonusEdit

A Gear bonus is when the character has a number of gears equipped out of five total gears that the character can have on at once. The character gains a bonus for having it equipped.

Amount of Gear Rewards
2/5 12% Critical Attack Chance
3/5 6% Health
5/5 12% Attack

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  • His passive shares the same name as the passive of Arkham Knight Batman on the first Injustice Mobile game, although the effects are completely different.