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Armored Superman is a Gold-rarity Might Class Hero. His shards are exclusively obtained through the completion of Achievements. His gear (or at least his Gloves) can be found in Basic Chest drops. Since version 2.2.1, there is a limited time chest that will allow you to gain either Classic Superman or Armored Superman shards.


Armored in a Kryptonian Battlesuit, Superman is completely invulnerable to one Ability attack, as well as improving the defense of his entire team. Superman can also reflect damage back onto the attacker with his Super Block.

Abilities Edit

Passive - [1] Ignore damage from opponent's first Ability 1, Ability 2 or Ability 3. [2] +4/8/12/16/20% team's Defense.

Ability 1 - HEAT VISION - [1] X Damage over time. [2] X Hazard DOT Damage.

Ability 2 - SUPER BLOCK - [1] -29.5+(-0.5xLvl)% Incoming damage reflected (excludes damage over time). [2] -59.5+(-0.5xLvl)% Incoming damage.

Example: Level 5 of this ability would give you -32% Incoming damage reflected and -62% Incoming damage.

Ability 3 - THE LAST SON - X Damage.

Supermove - KRYPTONIAN CRUSH - [1] X Damage. [2] +5%*Lvl Damage for the duration of the battle.