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Bane is a Might-class Hero. His default card is a 1* silver that is obtainable in the store's Hero Chest, but he can be obtained with 10 of his shards that can be found in campaign mode battle _, , and are also found in the store's coin chest.

Strategy Edit

Abilities Edit

His passive ability, Ultimate Brawler, straightforwardly gives his team two general buffs, +10% Team Damage for Basic, Tag, Jump, Rush, Ranged, and Crouch attacks, and +10% Team Critical Attack Chance. Each buff increases by +5% per upgrade.

His first attack ability, Bitter Taste (3 bars power, 100%-), is a series of melee . This attack cannot attain a KO except on the final hit.

His second attack ability, Venom Strength (4 bars power, 150%-) This attack cannot attain a KO except on the final hit.

Basic AttacksEdit

Play StyleEdit

Stat ConstructionEdit

Team ConstructionEdit

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