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Basic attacks are performed by tapping or swiping the screen. There are several different types of basic attacks.

  • Regular basic attacks are performed by simply tapping. They are fast and build up the hit counter quickly, but do the least damage per hit.
  • Rush attacks are performed by swiping right.
  • Jump attacks are performed by swiping up. They can be used to dodge ranged attacks and certain hazards like Harley Quinn's cupcake while moving forward, and deals the most damage, but they are very slow.
  • Crouch attacks are performed by swiping down. They can negate block and reset the opponent's hit counter.
  • Ranged attacks are performed by swiping left, then tapping. The swiping left is required - if you tap the screen without swiping, even if you are a long distance away from your opponent, the fighter would only attempt a regular basic attack.

Hit counterEdit

Hitting an opponent with any kind of basic attack adds to the hit counter. If the opponent blocks, the hit counter will not increase, but will not be reset either. Being hit without blocking resets the hit counter. Switching characters will retain the hit counter.

For every hit on the hit counter, special attacks do 5% bonus damage. It is unknown whether there is a cap, but the counter is shown to work for at least 247 hits (+1235% damage).

Blademaster Robin has a minimum hit counter. Robin has a chance to add 2 to the hit counter with every single hit.

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