Black Adam is a 3-star default gold Arcane class character. His shards can be obtained from Arena seasons and the Regime Chest. All his abilities revolve around power manipulation, allowing him to batter his foes with relentless barrages of lightning and empowering his allies to do the same.


Power of Aton (passive)Edit

Immune to increases to Power cost of Abilities

On Tag-in, 10%/25%/40%/55%/?/? chance to stun.

Special 1's power boost increases 1%/1%/2%/5%/?/?. Stacks up to 1/1/2/4/?/? times.

Special 3 may steal 1/1/3/5/?/? Power Bars.

Black Adam's Specials can manipulate power.


Lightning CageEdit


Storm CloudEdit

Despite Horrific Scarecrow's passive saying the power cost increase doesn't stack with similar abilities, Black Adam's power cost increase does stack with Horrific Scarecrow's passive.


Electric BurstEdit