Block is an action that reduces basic damage taken by 50% and special damage by 25%. It can be performed by tapping the bottom left corner and holding, or holding two fingers on the screen.

Enhanced blockEdit

Several Might class heroes have an ability that functions as an enhanced block. While using this ability, power is rapidly drained (1 bar per second), modified by certain passives (Doctor Fate reduces the rate to 0.5 bars per second). Damage is greatly reduced and additionally reflected based on the level on the ability. They all require 1 bar of power to initiate and have the same icon.

There are additionally several mechanical differences with enhanced block:

  • They can be activated as long as the hero is standing, even if they are being staggered by blows, including specials. Specials that knock the opponent into the air (such as Harley Quinn's Bullet Frenzy) will prevent enhanced block from being used if the hero isn't blocking during that launching hit.
  • Enhanced block cannot be disabled by crouch attacks or block breaking attacks.
  • Enhanced block is an ability that has the same global cooldown when used same as all other abilities. They also cannot be used when specials are disabled, or during Unbreakable Cyborg or Primal Swamp Thing's revival animations (therefore, you must use normal block to avoid being knocked down).
  • Enhanced block will be disabled by the Walking Laser ability of Powered Supergirl, Dark Supergirl, Multiverse Supergirl or Power Girl. While blocking does not reduce the damage of the ability, it must be used in place of enhanced block to preserve basic attack combos.
  • Enhanced block can still be used when normal block is disabled by Sonic Black Canary's Sonic Blast.


  • The damage reduction for basic attacks and specials have been switched from the first Injustice Mobile, presumably due to basic attacks' much higher damage potential in Injustice 2 Mobile.

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