• EvanRD

    I'm on a mission to find the exact percent chance to get Gems, Gears and Master Theif Catwoman shards in the Gamemode Operations, in the Injustice 2 Mobile Game. 

    I will put this on the Offical Operation page for the public viewing, but before that, I will have the statistics here to ensure that no one gets bad information as this is also a work in progress, and not 100% correct information as of this moment!

    Once the chance looks like this Example: 'Gem chance: 6/100 (6%)' Only then will I post that info on the official page. Before that, if this info on this page is found on the official page I will take it down as it is promoting false information.

    Note: All percentage is when using +5% Gem and Gear chance so it's not a base percentage... Yet…

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