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Challenges is a game mode that can only be accessed during challenge events, which are held twice a week. It requires an account level of 10. Their respective challenges are the only source of several characters' shards and their gear.

Each challenge requires a certain character (e.g. "a BATMAN" hero") or class (e.g. "two AGILITY CLASS heroes") for its three matches. Those matches are represented in 3 different tiers of difficulty, I, II, and III, with one successful battle in a tier required to unlock the next. Unlike Resource missions, this unlocking is not kept between rotations, and must be done every time the challenge returns.

Each tier's battle can be completed twice before a reset may be purchased, with each successful battle yielding 1-7 of the event character's shards and a drop chance of one of their gear pieces. You can reset each tier's battle up to three times a day for 50/100/? gems, respective to the reset number.

Each challenge has Modifiers to one or more setting in the battle, including at least one that is player-friendly.

Challenge battles do not yield account or character experience. Sim Chips can be used on them after an update. 3-star completion (winning without a knockout) is counted even if you did it before the update.

Difficulty Stamina cost Number of shards
I 6 1-2
II 9 2-5
III 12 4-8

Challenges listEdit

Hero First release Requirements Modifiers
Speedforce The Flash 05/12/17 Agility Class Heroes Agility heroes
Warrior Queen Wonder Woman 05/19/17 Tech heroes Stunning an opponent disables their specials for 10 seconds
Soulstealer Doctor Fate 05/26/17 Agility heroes REGENERATION: Doctor Fate regenerates health over time

POISON: Player DOT attacks deal +100% damage

Last Laugh The Joker 06/3/17 MIGHT CLASS heroes ANTI-AGILITY FIELD: Might heroes on the player's team gain a large boost to the damage they deal
Sub-Zero 18/7/2017 Meta class heroes
Powered Supergirl 22/7/2017 Tech class heroes ANTI-MIGHT FIELD: Tech heroes on the player's team deal increased damage when using Basic attacks and Abilities against Might opponents.


  • Difficulty II and III used to cost 12 and 18 Stamina instead prior to update 1.5.