Current challenge: Silver Banshee

Challenges is a game mode that can only be accessed during challenge events, which are held twice a week. It requires an account level of 10. Their respective challenges are the only source of several characters' shards and their gear.

Each challenge requires a certain class (e.g. "two AGILITY CLASS heroes") for its three tiers (requiring 1, 2, or 3 of the class depending on difficulty). Those matches are represented in 3 different tiers of difficulty, I, II, and III, with one successful battle in a tier required to unlock the next. This unlocking is kept between rotations, and does not need to be done again when a challenge returns.

Each tier's battle can be completed twice before a reset may be purchased, with each successful battle yielding 1-7 of the event character's shards and a drop chance of one of their gear pieces. You can reset each tier's battle up to three times a day for 50/100/? gems, respective to the reset number.

Each challenge has Modifiers to one or more setting in the battle, including at least one that is player-friendly.

Challenge battles do not yield account or character experience. Sim Chips can be used on them after an update. 3-star completion (winning without a knockout) is counted even if you did it before the update.

Difficulty Stamina cost Number of shards
I 6 1-3
II 9 2-5
III 12 4-8

Challenges listEdit

Hero First release Requirements Modifiers
Speedforce The Flash 05/12/17 Agility Class Heroes Agility heroes
Warrior Queen Wonder Woman 05/19/17 Tech heroes Stunning an opponent disables their specials for 10 seconds
Soulstealer Doctor Fate 05/26/17 Agility heroes REGENERATION: Doctor Fate regenerates health over time

POISON: Player DOT attacks deal +100% damage

Last Laugh The Joker 06/3/17 MIGHT CLASS heroes ANTI-AGILITY FIELD: Might heroes on the player's team gain a large boost to the damage they deal
Sub-Zero 18/7/2017 Meta class heroes
Powered Supergirl 22/7/2017 Tech class heroes ANTI-MIGHT FIELD: Tech heroes on the player's team deal increased damage when using Basic attacks and Abilities against Might opponents.
Powered Supergirl Might class heroes
Grid Tech class heroes
Silver Banshee


  • Difficulty II and III used to cost 12 and 18 Stamina instead prior to update 1.5.
  • Challenges used to require a character type (e.g. a Batman character) but now they always only require a class.