All characters belong to one of the five Classes: Tech, Agility, Power, Metahuman, or Arcane. Certain classes have an advantage over another; if a character of that class faces a character from a disadvantaged class, the former for gain a 20% damage bonus while the latter deals 10% reduced damage.

  • Tech beats Power
  • Power beats Agility
  • Agility beats Meta
  • Meta beats Tech
  • Arcane does not have an advantage or disadvantage over any other classes

When the character tagged in holds an advantage, their class icon will glow green. If you have a tagged-out character who would have an advantage over your current opponent, a flashing green arrow would point to their portrait (this happens even if your current character already has an advantage).

Generally all versions of the same character have the same class (for example, Wonder Woman, Mythic Wonder Woman and Amazon Wonder Woman all belong the Power class). One exception is Justice League Batman, who is Agility class while Batman, Predator Batman and Arkham Knight Batman are all Tech class.

There are currently 12 Tech, 14 Agility, 18 Power, 11 Metahuman, and 8 Arcane characters.