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Doctor Fate is an Arcane-class Hero. He can be obtained from the Hero chest in the store, or by obtaining 30 of his shards.

Default 2-Star (unequipped): 519 Health / 108 Damage

Twist of Fate Team Abili's 1, 2, and 3 require -1 Power, -2% (upgrade level) Opposing Team Defense

Glyph of Anubis 108

Nabu's Curse 162 Damage Over Time (Hazard)


  1. Since Arcane Class heroes have a weird disadvantage of blocking late after a Rush or Aerial attack, the best option is to do the standard Light (tap) combo followed by a Rush (right swipe), another Light combo and a Down (down swipe) attack, so that the opponents stagger back after the combo, giving the player enough time to start blocking till the opponent AI finishes their attack, after which the player can repeat the combo.
  2. However the above method comes with a minor risk that the opponent AI usually dodges the first hits in the combo, which can be negated by using the Rush attack to continue the chain, which may not be always successful. An alternate combo with almost 100% chance of success, albeit shorter, is a Rush attack, followed by a Light combo and a Down attack.

To use Special moves in conjunction with the combo, simply repeat one of the two combos, but replacing the last Down attack with the player's desired special.

These combos can be used for other class characters, by replacing the final Down attack with a Rush or an Aerial attack to increase damage, as the other classes don't suffer the blocking delay after a Rush or an Aerial attack.

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