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For the Corps (passive)Edit

On Tag-in, Hal's teammates get one of three possible constructs.

  • Hammer - Stun opponent on first hit for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/? seconds.
  • Sword - 20%/40%/60%/80%/100%/? critical chance on first hit.
  • Power Battery - Instantly gain 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2/? bars of power.

Green Lantern is not a lone-wolf, So it is advised to have teammates with him, and tag-in/tag-out as much as possible.

The constructs are random, except the first which seems to always be Hammer and it will appear at the beginning of battle before any tagging is needed. They only appear if Green Lantern is not KO'ed.

The tag-attack itself doesn't consume the construct's effect.

The Hammer construct will stun the opponent even if the hit inflicted is a reflected hit, e.g. Wonder Woman/Superman/Gorilla Grodd's super block. This is especially useful against power multi-hit specials: when anticipating such an enemy special, you can simply use super block and the first hit they land of you will be reflected and also stun them, canceling the rest of the special.


Hazard Damage: Green Lantern floats backs then constructs a trap of spinning blades that can deal damage over time (DoT).

Use grinders when opponent is cornered. Keep close and do combos so he cannot tag out or jump. However, it is almost always more power efficient to use Will Power.

Will PowerEdit

Hal utilizes the ring's power to create a temporary barrier that significantly reduces incoming damage.

It not only shields you, but also deals decent damage (note that the damage is melee and can miss if not close enough). It cannot KO an opponent, but it staggers them in a way that it is often possible to follow up with more basic attacks after.

The damage reduction is somewhat comparable to Wonder Woman, Superman or Gorilla Grodd's enhanced block, but unlike those, Will Power has a one time cost and a set duration. Importantly, Will Power can also be used to tank an enemy supermove, which enhanced block is useless against.

Rocket PowerEdit

Green Lantern strikes from a distance, hurling a trio of rocket constructs towards his opponent.

Rocket Power deals more damage than Will Power and can also KO on every Hit, but there are many disadvantages. When the first rocket KOs an opponent, the second rocket misses. Additionally, it can often be dodged by jumping opponents. So, a supermove with high combo is more preferable.


Emerald Green Lantern is more of a support hero than a frontline fighter. His passive gives tag-in teammates good support and when the time comes, The Emerald Knight can also devastate his opponents with combo will-power. However, If you wish to use him, Go for combos. Just like Injustice 2 Console, all green lantern characters have very strong combo boosts, The attack which hits like a cycle will hit like a truck at 10+ Combo, and will anhillate enemies with 20 or 30+ Combos.


Dark Supergirl- Dark Supergirl has a Tag-In Passive. When she tags in, A green lantern construct can help her boost your following attacks.

Ace Green Arrow- Ace Green Arrow power locks opponents on tag-out. Making it even easier to launch a barrage of pain without worrying about abilities.

The Flash- The flash has increased fast attack chance, and If he tags in with hammer, he can easily stun the opponents.


Mythic Wonder Woman/Horrific Scarecrow- Both of them have easily accessible abilities which can pierce the highly resistant armor of Emerald Green Lantern's Will Power.

Batman(All)- Batman has one of the easiest ways to stun, and if he stuns an enemy on tag-In, Their construct will be lost(except the power battery).

Crouch Attack- The deadliest weapon of green lantern is his combo meter, So any opponent can break his combo by a simple down swipe(Crouch Attack).


-Rocket Power is a move from Injustice-Gods among us Mobile. It was the second special of Green Lantern/Prime.

-He, Along with Unbreakable Cyborg, were initially 3 Star heroes, but afterwards changed to 2 Stars.

-He, Unbreakable/Justice League Cyborg, Raiden, Hellboy and Atlantean Armor Aquaman are only 2 star gold characters as of now.

-His shards used to be available in Campaign Chapter 4, but now changed to Campaign Chapter 3.