Energized Starfire is a 3-star base gold Agility character, with her shards obtainable from challenges.

One of the strongest regenerating characters, Starfire can mostly only heal herself (unlike Atlantean Armor Aquaman), but if she has enough of the right stats she could make all attempts to damage her futile by healing more than any special can inflict.


The first part of her passive heals her according to power bars spent by his opponent (it would use the actual amount spent, after being modified by e.g. Doctor Fate's passive). Enhanced block abilities do not heal her.

Energized Starfire's super will heal her team (but not herself) for 5%-20% of their maximum health, and the amount is not affected by the combo counter.

Starfire projects short bursts of green energy from her hands as her basic attacks, and they have decent reach. Most notably is her jump attack, during which she hovers for a long time in the air and shoots three ranged starbolts at her opponent. However as the bolts are shot downward as well as forward, if her opponent is close enough they can hit her with a jump attack, interrupting hers and taking no damage themselves.


  • Previously, the same heal from her passive is applied upon using her specials, as well as enhanced block abilities used by the opponent (heals as if 1 bar is used upon initiation) but this has since been removed.