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Gear pieces are items that are collected, equipped, upgraded, and to some degree even customized, all with the purpose of conferring stat boosts on your heroes. Each currently released gear piece occupies one out of 5 separate slots and can only be equipped to one hero, and no hero currently has more than one gear piece able to be equipped in any one slot. At this point in time, all gear that occupy similar slots across heroes boost the same stats and have the same effect if of the same level.

Level 1 gear for most heroes can drop from operations; the only exceptions are for arena, challenge, and store-specific characters, with such characters' gear being found in the same place.

Basics Edit

Upgrading and shattering gear Edit

Gear is upgraded using Gear Material. Gear Material can be obtained by shattering other pieces of gear (hopefully, spares).

It is recommended that, if you obtain a duplicate piece of gear at level 1, you first upgrade it before shattering it. This will cost you 20 more gear material at first but net you 20 more gear material upon shattering (net cost 0), but will slightly increase your chance of getting a gear reforge. (For the use of this item, see below.)

(To be moved) Each character has a "Gear Set Bonus" depending on the number of items equipped. These provide further boosts. These are available at 2, 3, 5 pieces equipped, the pieces don't matter, an editor can fix this later

Gear Chance Effects Edit

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