Heroes are fighters in the game, regardless of morality or alignment. There are also fighters who are unplayable characters. They can be obtained directly through the store or through the accumulation of the requisite number of shards. All currently released characters and their gear can be checked in "Roster" on the home page. Unobtained characters have their portraits in grey and a progress bar showing how many shards have been collected so far.

Shards are also used to upgrade the star rating of the characters you possess. Any duplicate obtained of a character already possessed is immediately converted into shards.

Most silver characters are 1* default and are available through the hero chest, but can be unlocked with 10 of their shards. The only exceptions are Amazon Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, and Black Canary, who are 2* default and can be unlocked with 30 shards if not directly obtained. Obtaining a 1-star duplicate silver character with the store's gem chest will see the duplicate converted into 10 shards. If you own a 2* version of a silver character (including a promoted 1*), you can (but won't always) obtain 30 shards instead if you obtain a duplicate.

Most gold characters are 3* default. Those that are not directly obtained can be acquired with 160 shards. Exceptions include Unbreakable Cyborg, Emerald Green Lantern, Atlantean Armor Aquaman, Justice League Cyborg, John Stewart Green Lantern, Hellboy, and Raiden, who are 2* default and require 60 shards to unlock. Armored Superman, who is one of two characters that is 4-star default, requires 360 shards to unlock.

Arkham Knight Batman is the other default 4* character, and the only one of the "Legendary" rating. He requires 450 shards to unlock if not directly obtained.

Hero Level is another main way to increase a hero's power; by winning matches or using Xp Capsules, heroes gain experience and levels, increasing their basic stats. The maximum hero level is 70.

As of 9th November 2018, there are 83 characters in total: 20 silver, 62 gold, and 1 legendary.

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  • Many heroes have their portraits and models changed upon having all five pieces of gears equipped, and again when all five pieces are upgraded to level 60, which takes a titanic time investment (hero level 60 or star rating 6 is not required). Exceptions are heroes based on other media, such as Arkham Knight Batman or Mythic Wonder Woman, whose portraits do not change at either point.