1.4AchievementsAmazon Wonder Woman
AquamanAquaman (Character Class)Arena
Arkham Knight BatmanArmored SupermanBane
Bane (Character Class)Basic AttacksBasic Chest
BatmanBatman (Character Class)Black Canary
Black Canary (Character Class)Blademaster RobinBlue Beetle
Blue Beetle (Character Class)BvS SupermanCampaign
CatwomanCatwoman (Character Class)Challenges
Challenges/Warrior Queen Wonder WomanClassCyborg
Cyborg (Character Class)DamageDarkest Night Batman
DeadshotDeadshot (Character Class)Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate (Character Class)Emerald Green LanternEnraged Bane
Entangling Poison IvyFlora Poison IvyGear
Gear MaterialGear ReforgeGorilla Grodd
Gorilla Grodd (Character Class)Green ArrowGreen Arrow (Character Class)
Green LanternGreen Lantern (Character Class)Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn (Character Class)HazardHero Chest
Hero LevelHeroesHorrific Scarecrow
Injustice 2 Mobile WikiJungle King Gorilla GroddLast Laugh The Joker
LevelMarksman DeadshotMaster Thief Catwoman
Mythic Wonder WomanObjectivesOperations
PipsPlayer LevelPoison Ivy
Poison Ivy (Character Class)Powered SupergirlPredator Batman
Premium Hero ChestPrimal Swamp ThingRegime Superman
Resource missionsRobinRobin (Character Class)
ScarecrowScarecrow (Character Class)Sim Chips
Sonic Black CanarySoulstealer Doctor FateSpeedforce The Flash
StaminaStorySuicide Squad Harley Quinn
SupergirlSupergirl (Character Class)Superman
Superman (Character Class)Swamp ThingSwamp Thing (Character Class)
TagTalentsTelekinetic Gorilla Grodd
The FlashThe Flash (Character Class)The Joker
The Joker (Character Class)ThreatUnbreakable Cyborg
Unhinged Harley QuinnWarrior Queen Wonder WomanWonder Woman
Wonder Woman (Character Class)XP Capsule
File:Bane.pngFile:Batman.pngFile:Black Canary.png
File:Cyborg.pngFile:Doctor Fate.jpgFile:Doctor Fate.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Green Lantern.png
File:Icon Apple Store.pngFile:Icon Google Play.pngFile:Injustice 2 Characters 1.jpg
File:Injustice 2 Gameplay.jpgFile:Injustice 2 Mobile Roster.jpegFile:Injustice 2 Mobile – Official Launch Trailer
File:Injustice 2 Mobile – Official Launch Trailer-0File:Injustice 2 Mobile – Official Launch Trailer-1File:Injustice 2 Mobile – Official Launch Trailer-2
File:Injustice Mobile Wordmark.pngFile:Injustice Wordmark.pngFile:Poison Ivy.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wonder Woman.png

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