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Mythic Wonder Woman is a 3-star base gold Might Class Hero released in the 1.4 update. With the potential to combine the ultimate offence from Justice League Cyborg's massive basic damage buff passive, the ultimate defense from her Bracelet Block, and both the armor-pierce and resurrection from Justice League Aquaman, she is one of the most powerful fighters all-round and her battle prowess is a sight to behold.


Her shards can be obtained in certain Arena seasons. Each of her gear pieces is given in a secret Achievement "Mythic Acquisition" if she is obtained. In the Justice League Update 1.8, She is available in Justice League Pack along with Justice League Batman, Cyborg and Aquaman. Her Shards are also available in Power Up Pack.

Her obtain, promotion, and stat info are as follows:

3* 4* 5*
Shards 160 200 440
Lv 1 Base Health/Damage 871/188
Lv 60 Base Health/Damage 5544/1197 (est.)


As a member of Justice League, she benefits from the passives of Justice League Teammates such as Justice League Batman, Justice League Aquaman and Justice League Cyborg.

Her "God Killer Sword" passive ability gives her a portion of the attack stat of opponents she KOs (30% at ability level 3, 40% at level 4, and 50% at level 5) for the amount of time described by the passive (12.5 seconds at level 3, 16.25 seconds at level 4, 20 seconds at level 5). These buffs will stack under the right conditions: if she KO's another opponent while she has one buff still active, the second buff will activate with a separate track and timer. This will work against characters controlled by enemy Unhinged Harley Quinn's passive, Amazonian warriors summoned by Warrior Queen Wonder Woman, etc.

Her first attack ability, Chop Slide, consumes 3 power and armor pierces. It is a strike below the opponent's knee and has considerable range for a melee attack.

Her second activated ability, Bracelet Block, is a Block that consumes power over time as it is being used. It reflects a portion of the damage received back to the opponent and reduces the amount of damage received.

Her third activated ability, For Themiscyra, consumes 7 power. It consist of 3 hits, 2 hits with her Lasso before ending off with an air to ground smack on the opponent. The first two hits are not able to KO the opponent leaving the opponent at 1 hp, only the third hit can KO.

Play StyleEdit

Mythic Wonder Woman has a considerable range with her melee combo. She uses her lasso on 3rd hit which has same range as Catwoman's Ranged Whip Attack.


Mythic Wonder Woman is one of the best Might Class Character and considered the strongest Justice League character when empowered by Cyborg. Her basic combo has good range is a good counter to slow characters. Her Bracelet Block is a good Defensive way of dealing damage. Building up a basic combo with 20+ Hits and then a well timed Chop Slide can do massive damage. If coupled with Justice League Cyborg's Massive Attack Boost, she is an unstoppable force and true Amazonian Goddess.

Team ConstructionEdit

Good With

Any Justice League Teammate- Justice League Teammates have the highest team synergy, while Justice League Batman will give her immunity to first ability, Justice League Aquaman will give her Armor Piercing Chance on basic attacks too and Justice League Cyborg will help with large boost to basic attacks(+225% on 2 star, +25% per star rating) and will help with reliable power drain.

Dr. Fate- Dr. Fate will not only make it easier to use Chop Slide, but will also soften the opposing team defense.

Good Against

Swamp Thing/Primal Swamp Thing, Hellboy, Dr. Fate/Soulstealer Dr. Fate,etc- Due to her good attacking speed, she can easily beat up Slow Targets.

Emerald Green Lantern- Her Chop Slide is an armor piercing attack, negating Gear provided Defense and the infamous Willpower Armor of Emerald Green Lantern.

Countered By

Speedforce The Flash- Although powerful, All attacks of Mythic Wonder Woman, especially the Chop Slide can be evaded by Speedforce The Flash. Though For Themiscyria has a good range and can KO SFF, Chop Slide makes her vulnerable when evaded to a flurry of attacks.




  • She was released in 1.4 (alongside Amazon Wonder Woman) to tie-in with the 2017 film, Wonder Woman, based on Gal Gadot's portrayal of the titular character in battle armor.
  • She was the first Arena Character.
  • Upon release, to obtain her, Players had to go to at least Elite 1 to get 160 Shards, below Elite 1, no shards were awarded. In later challenges progressive less shards are given under Elite 1.
  • Her Arena aired again in the end of November to promote Justice League.
  • Her Arena aired once more in early March 2018 due to popular demand with 5 shards being given at Challenger 2.