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Operations is a simple game mode in which a character can be assigned to "operations" for a set period of time. Beyond the initial assignment, Operations do not require further player input, and they do not consume Stamina. Characters are unable to be put on teams or used for other game modes while they are assigned to an Operation.

There are 3 Operation slots; only 3 Operations can be undertaken at once, even if you have more characters. There are minimum Threat ratings required for all Operations except the first.

Operations have a rare chance of yielding gear, gems, and Heartbreaker Harley Quinn shards, the former two of which can be improved with upgrades (see below).

Catwoman and Master Thief Catwoman's passives give them 6%/7%/8%/9%/10% and 6%/7.5%/9%/10.5%/12% bonus credits on Operations, stacking multiplicatively with Operation upgrades.

Shorter operations over more credits and experience per hour, although they are more of a hassle. Additionally, doing multiple short operations instead of a long one allows you to complete the Operations Achievements faster.

Operation Threat required Credits earned Duration XP yielded
Patrol: Metropolis 1 260 (8.67/min) 30 minutes 160 (5.33/min)
Direct Action: Arkham Asylum 1,000 500 (8.33/min) 1 hour 300 (5/min)
Strategic Recon: Gorilla City 2,000 715 (7.94/min) 1 hour 30 minutes 425 (4.72/min)
Internal Defense: Atlantis 2,300 950 (7.92/min) 2 hours 550 (4.58/min)
Search and Rescue: Kahndaq 2,500 1,355 (7.53/min) 3 hours 785 (4.36/min)
Investigation: Fortress of Solitude 3,000 1,715 (7.15/min) 4 hours 995 (4.15/min)
Retrieval: Red Sun Prison 3,600 2,445 (6.79/min) 6 hours 1415 (3.93/min)
Search and Destroy: Argo Labs 4,000 4,645 (6.45/min) 12 hours 2750 (3.82/min)

Upgrades Edit

Operations can be upgraded a total of 20 times, each upgrade increasing by 5% one factor in all operations (credits yielded, XP yielded, chance of dropped gear, chance of dropped gems, completion speed).

Level Gem Cost Total % Factor Modified
1 25 +5% Credits
2 25 +5% XP
3 50 +5% Completion Speed
4 50 +10% Credits
5 75 +10% XP
6 100 +15% Credits
7 100 +10% Completion Speed
8 100 +15% XP
9 125 +15% Completion Speed
10 125 +5% Gear Chance
11 150 +5% Chance of Gems
12 150 +20% Credits
13 200 +20% XP
14 250 +20% Completion Speed
15 250 +10% Gear Chance
16 250 +10% Chance of Gems
17 250 +25% Credits
18 250 +25% XP
19 250 +15% Gear Chance
20 250 +15% Gem Chance

It is recommended that you upgrade your operations as early as possible, as it seems getting gems without any gem upgrade is rare, and it will happen noticeably more frequently with even just the first upgrade. (Likely this means that the default chance* is low and that each stated increase in drop chance is an additive increase, i.e. 1% becoming 6%.) Each upgrade to completion speed is also functionally an upgrade to gem yield for time-savvy players.

(*It's possible that different duration operations have different base rates. In any case, a longer duration operation that yields gems will not on average yield more gems than a shorter operation that yields gems. Confirmed possible yield amounts are 10, 20, & 30, 30 seemingly being rare.)

Operation rewards are calculated when opened, not when started. For instance, it is possible to obtain Heartbreaker Harley Quinn shards even if the Operations are started before her release, if opened after.