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Powered Supergirl is a Gold-rarity Hero default 3* released in the 1.4 update. She is unlocked via her shards that are collected through her Challenge.

Strategy Edit


Abilities Edit

Her passive

Basic Attacks Edit

Trivia Edit

Supergirl was known to be in the game proper before release, but she was not one of the Heroes in the Injustice 2 Mobile roster at the time of its release. She is probably the most important character in the story proper to not be so included (excluding Braniac, though it's reasonable that the primary antagonist be excluded at this stage).

  • She was featured in the opening movie of the game (or its first version, prior to the Wonder Woman promotional material).

Design and Gameplay Edit

Supergirl's passive is somewhat akin to that of Superman/Man of Steel from Injustice Mobile.

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