Raids are special battles than can only be undertaken by Leagues. Currently, the "Brainiac: Collector of Worlds" Raid requires the players in a league to defeat 5 bosses, including 4 sub-bosses: Boss Gorilla Grodd (who appears to be Telekinetic Gorilla Grodd), Boss Doctor Fate, Boss Scarecrow (who appears to be Horrific Scarecrow), Boss Captain Cold, and finally Boss Brainiac who can only be attacked after the 4 sub-bosses have been defeated, but the 4 sub-bosses do not have to be defeated in order.

The raid has to be funded by the league, through donations of members. Once started by an officer, the raid will last 3 days.

Each boss has a huge amount of health, 3 modifiers, and is immensely difficult to defeat in one go by a single player. Instead, damage dealt to bosses will accumulate; every player can fight in the raid 3 times, done by up to 30 members (max number of players in a league). Each boss also has a "weakness" to three certain heroes; if they are on your team, you gain different team-wide bonuses against that boss.

When a league defeats each raid boss, rewards are granted to every member; additionally, upon completing a raid there is a rank reward that depends on how much damage a player dealt to the bosses.

Difficulty Funding required Sub-boss (each) Boss Brainiac
II 320,000 500 Gear Material
3,000 credits
1 tier 3 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
700 Gear Material
3000 credits
2 tier 4 Tech Xp Capsules
III 320,000 1,000 Gear Material
4,000 credits
1 tier 4 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
1,200 Gear Material
4,500 credits
1 tier 5 Tech Xp Capsule
IV 690,000 2,000 Gear Material
5,000 credits
1 tier 4 Xp Capsule of the boss's class
2,500 Gear Material
6,000 credits
2 tier 5 Tech Xp Capsules

Once completed, the raid can be repeated (funding again is required) at a higher difficulty level, as denoted by I - VI.

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