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Robin is a Silver-rarity Agility Class Hero.  He can be directly drawn from the Hero Chest or redeemed with 10 of his shards if not directly obtained. His shards can be obtained as a drop from either the Hero Chest or Premium Hero Chest (when obtaining "duplicates"), as a rare drop from the Basic Chest in small quantities, or as a reward in Heroic Campaign Battles , , & . Each of his gear pieces can be obtained in Operations; specific pieces can also be obtained in (/Head slot), , (/ slot), and (/ slot).

His obtain, promotion, and stat info are as follows:

1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Shards 20 80
Lv 1 Base Health/Damage 346 / 74
Lv 60 Base Health/Damage

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One of the only characters, to have a form in gear like on the console counterpart.