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== This page is currently under construction. The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete. Soulstealer Doctor Fate is an Arcane Class Hero. ==

He is a Challenge character Edit

Summary Edit

"An Agent of order. Kent Nelson is able to swap health with his opponent upon performing his Suppermove. Fate also allows his teammates to heal from his Break Of Life Ability"

Strategy Edit

Promotion Edit

Star Level Shards to next star level
1 Star Unobtainable
2 Stars Unobtainable
3 Stars 160 Shards to 4 Star
4 Stars ???

Shards are obtainable via his Challenge

Abilities Edit

    • Upon activating Amulet of Anubis Supermove, Doctor fate has a chance to swap health with his opponent. May be ineffective in Challenge battles.
    • Upon activating Supermove, 80% chance to swap health with the opponent at lvl 1
  • 1st Ability: BLOOD PRICE
    • Fate pops up his victim into a sustained energy shock that may hit opponents at a distance
    • 178 Damage at lvl 1
  • 2nd Ability: BREAK OF LIFE
    • Hazard: Fate places an ankh in the world that may heal nearby team members over time
    • 267 Damage at lvl 1
  • 3rd Ability: ???

Obtaining Gear Edit

SoulstealerDoctorFate Gear

Gear is obtained through

Gear Set Bonus Edit

A Gear bonus is when the character has a number of gears equipped out of five total gears that the character can have on at once. The character gains a bonus for having it equipped.

Amount Of Gear Rewards
2/5 +10% Power Generation
3/5 +5% Attack
5/5 +10% Health

Basic Attacks Edit

Play Style Edit

Stat Construction Edit

Team Construction Edit

Versus Edit


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