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Tag, also known as tag-in/tag-out or tag in/tag out, is the action of a character replacing another character in a match. The player can perform this action by tapping the portrait of a tagged-out hero, which causes that hero to tag in while the current character tags out, excepting when either tagged in character is performing an attack ability, when the player's current hero is being hit by unblocked basic attacks (or is perpetrating them?), or when the player's hero is stunned. The player may still tap the portraits on those occasions: this will cause the portrait to move slightly to the right, indicating that character is queued be tagged in an the next possible moment. (The queue can be changed?)***

When a team actively tags in a character, it gains one power bar. This does not occur after the entrances that naturally follows a KO.

"When a team switches in a character while it has an active combo meter, the combo is maintained.

When a character tags in within range of an enemy character, they will perform a tag attack. If you have maintained a combo prior to the tag-in, this will increase the combo meter by 1.

(***Paragraph to be modded after queue is tested while cooldown is active.)