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Talents are built-in random modifications to stats you can unlock on each character for 5,000 credits each. Each character can have 1 Talent purchased per star of rating, up to 5. Each talent modifies exactly one stat, but you can Reroll for a new talent if you want a different stat modified or a higher degree of modification. Rerolling is free once per day per character and it costs 5,000/7,500 credits afterwards for silver/gold characters. When you do, a new talent will be offered and you are given the option to accept it or keep the old talent.

Stat Modified Common Rare Epic
Attack +1% +2% +4%
Unblockable Chance 4% 6%
Critical Attack Chance +4% +6% +12%
Critical Attack Damage +8% +12% +24%
Armor Pierce Chance for Basic Attacks 8% 12% 24%
Health +1% +2% 4%
Defense +4% +6% +12%
Block Effectiveness +4% 6%
Critical Attack Resistance 4% 6% 12%
Damage Over Time Resistance 8% 12%
Stun Resistance 8% 12% 24%
Hero XP +5% 10% +20%

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